Aldi wine - $10 Mosel Riesling

Is cheap wine bad wine?

Friends of mine have continuously raved on about the wines at Aldi, mainly their prices. This afternoon I payed a long-awaited visit to my nearest Aldi store in search of these bargin wines. It’s slim pickings, mainly Australian plonk priced between

$5-10 with a few hidden international gems. I walked away with 3 bottles of wine, tonight I try the first.

Aldi wine number 1

PETER MERTES Gold Edition Mosel Riesling 2014 $10.00

I quickly glanced the wine wall and noticed a glowing green flute bottle, Riesling!

Yes I was right one from the Mosel for only $10, how could I say no? Riesling from Alsace in France and The Mosel in Germany excite my taste buds.

This wine is made exclusively for Aldi, I have done a little research to find out more about the producer.

The Peter Mertes winery is a family enterprise steeped in tradition, with headquarters in Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel.

What does a $10 bottle of Mosel Riesling taste like?

Screw cap bottle to allow for no-fuss easy access. It opened with a spritz.

In the glass, a vibrant and youthful wine begging to be enjoyed.

On the nose, red apple, sherbet, lime and white floral notes.

On the palette, off-dry style but not overly sweet, red apple, white florals and a nice but

short citrus finish with a bit a spirtz.

If you like to enjoy a glass or bottle a day and are on a budget, you can't go past this Riesling.

For a $10 bottle, I would highly recommend purchasing a few bottles to accompany mid-week dinners.

I enjoyed a couple glasses with spinach and feta ravioli in a cream chili sauce. The acidity and lime characteristics left my palette refreshed and the sweetness calmed down the chili.