Back to basics !

An afternoon well spent, 30 different wines and a total refresh of the basics of wine!

The Wine Society

Introduction to wine Level 1 intensive

Hosted at The Wine Society in their Vintec tasting room.

66 Bay Street, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Member Price -$170

Price - $ 220

I've decided to go back to basics. Next year I will be beginning my 2 year journey studying the Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma. I have been so wrapped up lately in studying the wines of France and have almost conquered the French Wine Scholar program! However in preparation for next year I wanted to refresh my knowledge on the fundamentals of grape varieties, wine production, viticulture techniques and regions. I wanted to be able to taste dozens of different varieties and compare them side by side.

The class is taught by Steve Knight he has been involved in the wine industry for over 30 years, and Wine Education for undergraduates in Tourism and Hospitality since 1998.

At 10.00am we are welcomed by our teacher Steve Knight, everyone is given a 70 page booklet to take home and use throughout the day as a guide. The book is fantastic and the best one i have ever received in a one day 1 course.

The 70 page booklet is broken up into 8 parts

Table of contents

1- What is wine?

2 - Quality vs Price

3 - Australian labelling laws

4 - Red wine making

5 - Viticulture

6 - Viticulture Part 2

7 - Sparkling wine and Champagne

8 - Sweet wine styles

The day was divided into 6 sessions, each session included 5 wines.

1st session - How to taste

Steve goes through the basics of how to taste, explaining what tannin, acid and alcohol are.

As we taste the wine Steve points out what is happening on our palette.

2nd session - Do Dollars makes a difference?

In this session Steve goes through the factors that influence the price of wine, starting with the obvious TAX and in Australia we are hit hard! few other factors that we went through were