Biodynamic, Organic, Natural ???

Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking. Sustainable viticulture and viniculture by Britt and Per Karlsson.

I hear these terms being thrown around quite often, biodynamic, organic and natural wine and wondered what do they really wine?!

I wanted to understand these different terms and be confident in explaining them to others. This is a very informative book, it is not bias by any means and the authors Britt and Per are explaining the different ways of working in a vineyard and also the vinification side in the cellar and not just raving about natural wine making being the best.

"to have an opinion on whether something is good or bad, you need first of all to understand what it means, and it is those very facts we present in the book."

There are 16 chapters, all accompanied by great photos relevant to the chapter your reading.

Organic wine-growing - An overview

Farming today

History in brief

How widespread is organic wine-growing?

Who goes organic?

Organic wine-growing

Pests and Diseases

Pest control by natural means

I want to go organic- How is it done?

Biodynamic wine production

Private labelling and control

The work inside the cellar


Sustainable wine-growing

Vins Nature - Natural wines

The environmental big picture

Going organic is a drastic change for any vineyard and grower. The process of converting a vineyard takes years, The EU states 3 years however Philippe Coston of Domaine Coston Languedoc says "3 years is really not long enough. Getting rid of all the spray residues in the soil takes 10 years o