Date with Brian

375ml.... what a tease!

Much hype around this little number, as soon as it arrives in store its out!

Its a warm Saturday night in Sydney and I have a date with the wild child Brian, now if you agreed to date him and didn't know too much your in for a surprise.

Its a natural wine made by a guy named Brian down is Tassie, Aus. What else do i know about the winery? not a lot. I speculate it's something "Brian" does in his spare time, aiming to make different but delicious natural wines.

The quirky little number is a field blend, apparently he did not have enough Chardonnay for a whole barrel... oops! perhaps a blessing in disguise.

A blend was born, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay grapes thrown in the barrel and left their for 138 days, that's a whole lot of skin contact.

Time for the pour... look at that colour!

So... for all that don't know, the colour has come from the skins of the white grapes. Usually white wine is fermented without their skins, which is why white wine is typically lemon or gold in colour.

This "skin contact" method is sometimes seen as a new wine making technique... it's not. It probably outdates white wine making. Back in the day their was no so2 or winemakers could not afford to use it, keeping the skins on during fermentation their is less risk of spoilage.