Mouse, a rodent problem.

Do you enjoy the taste of a furry little rodent in your mouth? Unfortunately for us consumers who wish to support the minimal intervention, small growers and dare I say “natural wines” are being exposed to a fault called mousiness all too often. I don’t believe this is a part of the “terroir” or natural ethos of wine making, it is a down right fault.

I am starting to worry, winemakers are intentionally releasing mousy wines to the public. This teaches novices that mousiness is a flavour rather than a fault.

Some cowboy winemakers need to jump of the bandwagon. Releasing unstable, faulty wine tarnishes the image of the more responsible minimal intervention producers. I have consumers telling me they hate "natural wine" perhaps these mouse ridden wines are too blame after leaving an unbearable taste in their mouth.

A possible reason why these tainted wines will pop up on the shelves at your local wine store is the mouse taint can develop in bottle however if the winemaker takes the correct precautions, this should not be an issue and it totally avoidable with 10mg of sulphur.

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